Rule Changes

The Rules Committee met Wednesday night and, after much discussion and vigorous debate, decided upon the following rule changes (the Touch Football Rules page has been updated):

  1. The controversial Safety rule has been changed. While the team tags an opposing ball carrier in their end zone still is awarded a half point, the team giving up the safety must now punt the ball to their opponent in order to execute a change of possession.
  2. The receiving team must have two players positioned at the line of scrimmage at the snap. Blockers of the receiving team may not use their hands to block; hands must remain at the player’s sides.
  3. Also, offenses may now elect to punt on fourth down. If they attempt to convert on fourth down and are unsuccessful, however, the opposing team takes possession at the line of scrimmage.
Play Of The Day Video

Insane 30 Yard Behind-The-Back Flag Football Touchdown Toss [VIDEO]

This is from Purdue Intramural Sports Flag Football Men’s League where some dude throws a 30 yard TD behind his back. Found at YouTube from puimsports.