Play Of The Day

Play Of The Day: Fingertips & Toe Taps

Rob collects the Play Of The Day from last week.

With his team in the red zone, Rob sat down in the back of the end zone and waited patiently for a sea of defenders to part. They didn’t but his quarterback managed to arc the ball over the defenders and to Rob but a bit high.

Rob was there for it with a fingertip catch that required both some ups to get it and some toe-tapping magic to remain in-bounds for the score.

Fantastic turnout last week!

Play Of The Day

Play Of The Day: Opposite Hand Palm Ball Touchdown

The Play of the Day for last Saturday definitely goes to Dave From The Block for a seemingly impossible catch for a touchdown.

Nursing an injured pinky, Dave wanted to spare it so on a deep ball thrown to him down the sideline, he reached up with his left arm outstretched and, with his back to the play, twisted his hand around to palm the ball and it stuck as he carried it across the goal line.


Breaking The Huddle Documentary

One of the things I love so much about sports is how they are so often the catalyst for societal change. I just watched Breaking The Huddle, HBO’s superb documentary about the integration of college football. Breaking The Huddle: The Integration of College Football chronicles the heyday of football programs at historically black colleges and universities, and explores the profound effect of the Civil Rights movement of the ’60s on the racial status quo of college athletics. Here are some interviews with two of the central participants in the documentary.

Play Of The Day Video

Play Of The Day: Tez Snags An INT

The Play of the Day last Saturday goes to Tez for positioning himself perfectly in front of the receiver and going up, up, up with one hand to snag a pick in the end zone and stop a scoring drive. The pick was one of several he had.

The Iron Man award goes to Dave From The Block (a.k.a. Wobbly) for mangling his finger, taping it up, and continuing to play through the injury.