Play Of The Day

Play Of The Day: Big Mike Completes The Three-Player Pick Six

The Play of the Day for last week goes to Big Mike for hustling down the field to be the final piece of the puzzle to a pick-six play involving three players.

The play began with David making an over-the-shoulder pick off beyond the fifty yard line then taking it up field to the twenty before getting cornered by the swift defender. But Rick was trailing the play on the opposite side of the field so David threw a spiral to him.

Rick hauled in the the pitch and headed downfield but the defender was described as swift for a reason: He was and because of that swiftness, he cut the angle on Rick, too.

Big Mike, however, had the presence of mind to hustle down the field and was in position in the middle to catch Rick’s pitch back to him and waltz in for the score.

Honorable mention goes to Cody for being in position behind the defenders to collect with one hand an under thrown ball that was tipped to him with only green and the end zone left for him to conquer.

Play Of The Day

Play Of The Day: Toes In Laser Shot FTW

Last week’s Play of the Day goes to Shawn for snagging a laser shot from James in the corner of the end zone, in the dark, with his toes just in, to close out the game and bring home the win for his team.

There were plenty of plays to choose from last week.

Honorable Mention also goes to:

  • Rockstar LeDuc for some great catches in the back of the end zone.
  • Rick for a perfectly thrown long ball to David streaking down the sideline.
  • James tipping the ball up and over the other side of a defender to haul in the catch.
  • Cody’s long catch and run across the field.
  • And we had some Under Cover Of Darkness Shenanigans:
    • A bunch formation fake handoff
    • And Johnny B. Goode stealing the ball from the hands of an unaware opponent in order to steal a score
Play Of The Day

Play Of The Day: Tipped, Bobbling Touchdown

Newcomer Tony walked away with The Play Of The Day today for a sideline pass that was so well defended he nearly lost the ball.

After the defender swiped the ball from his grasp, Tony stayed with it, bobbling, bobbling, and bobbling the ball down the field until he finally tipped it to himself, corralled it, and raced to the end zone for the score.

Play Of The Day

Play Of The Day: Mike Scores In Traffic

Play of the Day goes to Mike K. for hauling in a long bomb for a touchdown with defenders bracketing him on either side.

We don’t know how he came down with it for the score but come down with it he did!

Honorable mention goes to Dave From The Block for getting fully extended to nab a pass with one hand over the middle to convert on fourth down.


The Next Randy Moss: Insane Palm-Ball Touchdown Catch

Marshall’s (same school Randy Moss went to…just sayin’) Aaron Dobson makes a ridiculous one-handed catch for a touchdown. You have to see it to believe it: